Our civil and structural engineering teams solve challenges. We increase efficiency and improve structures. We design, inspect and survey structural elements to ensure a safe, strong build.

We guarantee maximum cost efficiency whether in choosing best material, supervise the execution or value engineering of the project.


Structural Engineering

We inspect, survey and assess structural elements to ensure they are efficient, safe and strong.
We have established a strong reputation in the Gulf region for designing and delivering complex structural design solutions on a full range of projects.

Our extensive experience delivers cost effective, environmentally sustainable engineering solutions across a variety of sectors and sizes.

Structural Engineering services that we provide include:

  • » Structural engineering design
  • » Building information modelling (BIM)
  • » Design of traditional materials
  • » Concrete and steel framed structures
  • » Masonry and timber framed structures
  • » Foundation and basement design
  • » Feasibility studies
  • » Value added engineering
  • » Structural surveys
  • » Retaining structures
  • » Marine and heavy civils
  • » High rise construction
  • » Bridge engineering

Civil Engineering

We work on projects of varying sizes and types for both public and private clients.
We can cover all phases of projects, from conceptual design to contract administration during the construction phase.

Our experienced in house engineers handle design, construction and maintenance of the environment that we live in. Making it more efficient, greener, cleaner and a safer environment to live in.

Civil engineering services that we provide include:

  • » Site development
  • » Surveying / Structural engineer’s survey
  • » Sidewalk and street design
  • » Tank farms
  • » Water and wastewater treatment
  • » Utility design
  • » Housing development design

Domestic and small commercial projects

We offer an extensive range of services for domestic and small commercial projects.
Our team of experts deal with projects from a crack in the wall to surveying properties for structural integrity.
We offer professional and affordable packages to suit any problem.

Services that we provide include:

  • » Wall partitioning
  • » Extensions
  • » Structural damage
  • » Surveying
  • » Re structuring of spaces


We provide solutions for motorways, signals, single roads and transportation.
We understand the foundation framework of movement and travel. We understand the importance behind successful design solutions. We create complete and successfully functioning finished environments.

Infrastructure services that we provide include:

  • » Travel and transport solutions
  • » Housing development infrastructure
  • » Urban development and alterations

Inspection and surveying

Our experts understand the conditions for your project and
We create innovative and effective solutions to solve your problems.