EMKAAN Architecture + Engineering Consultancy was founded in 2009 by Muhammad Obaid who has practiced in architecture for over 12 years. Alongside him, a team of passionate architects, engineers and draftsmen created a company that is a unique in its commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

EMKAAN specializes in architecture, design and project engineering and has an expertise in structural and MEP design, urban planning interior design and historical documentation. The company is well versed in complete building process in Dubai UAE, from design, drawings, authority regulations and obtaining approvals to tender management, site supervision, value engineering. EMKAAN also provides services as lead consultant.

Emkaan Culture

EMKAAN is a team of passionate professionals committed to listening, understanding and implementing your ideas and project potential. Our company's qualities and values promote sincere and honest business, with a high emphasis on customer satisfaction and delivering quality services.

We constantly review and update our company policies assuring suitable project management, project reviews, quality control, cost management, client services and client satisfaction. Staff morale and work quality is maintained through positive management and engagement of staff in this process.

The Story


The building process often starts as an idea in the owner mind that they express in words or sketches. At EMKAAN, we provide the necessary means for these words and sketches to become a concrete reality that will help the owner visualise their idea. This is the story of our name, which is derived from the Arabic verb makkanâ, which translates to enableâ. We consider it our mission to enable ideas and to transform them into reality.

We set our quality standards and Client services high, whilst maintaining a competitive edge in the market. EMKAAN achieves this through efficient management, good leadership and the dedication of the EMKAAN team.


EMKAAN was founded in Dubai, 2009, by a multi-national team of experienced architects and draftsman. They had a vision for an architects company that was in itself unique, original and delivering the highest quality standards and client services.

Today we are pleased to say that the team has grown, the vision is stronger, we have many satisfied clients, our work is unique and our standards compete with the best.

So what is left for us to achieve... Everything! We are constantly working to improve ourselves and our team. Now we are looking for clients with the same passion, the same vision, the same desire for unique, original and quality design, to work with us in realising and delivering quality products to the region!.


Our professional team at EMKAAN are dedicated to the quality of our designs, the quality control of the construction and the satisfaction of the client in each and every project.

What We Value

What we value in Employees

Ownership and Leadership

For us it means ability to care about Company like business owner and commitment to take right decisions without hesitation

Modesty and Sharing

For us it is openness and readiness to listen and share – both ideas and opinions

Harmony with universe and Positivity

For us it means bringing peace, harmony and positivity in everything we do or involved in. “half full cup” attitude is the basic for it.

What we value in Business Process

Proactivity and Accuracy

Accuracy in talk, work and every action that can help foresee, predict and avoid possible difficulties. Our proactive attitude can turn the problem into the challenge and possibility.

Creativity and Innovation

Always look for better, innovative ideas in work and designs, crave for finding the new ways, techniques that always keep EMKAAN in the leading position in the market.

Flexibility and Enabling

We are flexible in changing environment and demands. It helps us always stay open to our clients, listen to them and do our best to enable their ideas, turn them into reality.

Value System and Honesty

We have own standards and values that help us bring solid products to our clients. Honesty with clients, colleagues and people around, honouring the word given, following policies and procedures are among those standards we value.

Engagement and Appreciation

Engagement of everybody in every process – ideas, business, decision making and appreciation every input and contribution by positive details.

Education and Fun

Who told self-education and development should be boring? We support skills improvement through positivity and entertainment.