Giving Back To The Environment

August 24th, 2017

giving back to the environment


Taking Care of and preserving the natural environment is the biggest challenge in this immensely populated planet. The natural resources are depleting, species are becoming endangered and natural beauty of the earth is fading. Now it’s the time to give back to the environment at an individual and corporate level to preserve the natural environment and resources.

As a UAE-based company, EMKAAN has a strong ‘giving’ philosophy at its core. Whether it’s offering a client a free consultation, including sustainable materials and practices into the design, or contributing to important causes, the team at Emkaan believe in giving back throughout the year.

Sustainable Community

Creating open and green spaces is only part of the promise to give back to nature. There are numerous sustainability initiatives that make all our architectural designs truly eco-friendly and sustainable. Various sustainable systems are used by our team to ensure the preservation of the environment. Strongly committed to reducing its carbon footprint, we have adopted several measures including shading, daylight harvesting, solar power, cross ventilation, smart control irrigation, radiant cooling, waste management, recycling and water treatment, as well as energy saving systems.

Initiatives to Conserve Power

At EMKAAN, conserving power is an integral part of the sustainable design and various systems have been put in place to ensure minimum consumption and wastage. To build in accordance with an Environmental and power saving objectives, our team use techniques like integrating LED and low wattage lamps and motion sensor activated lights to reduce power wastage. Apart from these measures, our architectural form and design maximises natural light and drastically reduces electrical lighting.

Composting and Recycling

Recycling is one of the best ways to preserve the natural environment. There are a number of wastes that can be recycled and reused. At EMKAAN we use the composting to develop a sustainable landscape. This compost acts as a soil conditioner and organic fertilizer and enhances healthy soil life. All of our landscape designs involve such green and eco-friendly techniques which not only ensure the sustainable development but also the environmental protection. Residents of societies and buildings are also equal partners in these sustainability measures and are encouraged to recycle through the underground waste system that separates organic from inorganic waste.

An example can be seen where EMKAAN was the architecture of choice for Al Barari, an environmentally-conscious community in Dubai with a focus on sustainability and living in harmony with nature. One of the most exclusive and eco-friendly developments in the UAE, Al Barari features 189 villas in The Residences, 27 bespoke luxury villas in The Reserve, a destination spa and wellness Heart & Soul, Body Language health club and signature award-winning restaurant, The Farm.

Literally meaning “wilderness”, the society has been envisaged as a lush desert oasis. Sixty percent of the development is composed of green spaces that surround the luxury villas. A low-density development, Al Barari is dotted with exotic themed gardens, naturally landscaped lakes, freshwater streams, cascades, and waterways. All these natural features make the development resemble a botanical garden rather than a residential community.

As the demand to preserve resources and natural environment increases, Emkaan remains steadfast in its mission to give back to society with its sustained efforts to make architecture designs greener and more ecologically efficient.